Habitat For Humanity Donation

About Habitat for Humanity

Having worked in more than 70 countries, Habitat for Humanity has helped over 39 million people worldwide. Since 1976, they have strived to provide proper education, shelter assistance, financial foundations, employment, natural disaster relief, and community support.


Learn more about Habitat for Humanity at https://www.habitat.org/

Amax’s Mission for Sustainability

Our goal is to furnish the homes of struggling families while simultaneously reducing the amount of harmful waste. By donating these products, we are not only helping families, but we are also keeping products out of landfills. Amax strives to positively contribute to waste prevention.

Lowering the amount of furniture waste will improve sustainability and inspire thriving, healthy communities for generations to come. This sustainable practice will boost environmental health, halt the effects of climate change, and promote social development.

While our mission is to improve sustainability, we are also able to help families across the country. Many companies will often dispose of furniture deemed “unfit to be sold,” so Amax has decided to take advantage of this prospering opportunity.

The Process

Amax plans to donate open box items, such as sofas, loveseats, recliners, and chairs to Habitat for Humanity for redistribution. Our three US distribution centers will be participating in this program, gathering all unsellable furniture for future donations.

Amax warehouse workers will also collect partially damaged products, box them accordingly, and ship them to Habitat for Humanity. While these products are “unsellable” in the modern furniture industry, they will be greatly cherished by those needing home furnishings.

For every two tons saved from landfills, we can refurnish seven homes with approximately fourteen pieces of furniture.

What's Next?

Our arrangement with Habitat for Humanity is only the tip of the iceberg. Partnering this program with more businesses and organizations will help us reduce waste, help families who need it most, and build a sustainable future.

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